McKinley County
Gun Violence

  • On April 7, 2017, in Gallup, New Mexico, a New Mexico State Police officer was involved in a shooting. The shooting occurred during a traffic stop along Interstate 40. A suspect was shot and injured. State police say the officer was not injured. No names haven been released regarding the incident. SOURCE: NAVAJO TIMES
  • On March 12, 2017, a Navajo Nation Police department officer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call in rural McKinley County. Officer Houston Largo, age 27, was a decorated officer with five years of service. A suspect is in custody, but his name has not yet been released. SOURCE: ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL
  • On July 24, 2016 in Gallup, New Mexico, Alvin Sylversmythe, age 29, was killed in an officer-involved shooting. No details were released. SOURCE: NATIONAL GUN ARCHIVE
  • On February 22, 2014 in Gallup, New Mexico, a father was shot and killed while eating lunch with his family at the local McDonald’s after getting into an altercation with a man with a firearm in the parking lot. As he lay dying in the restaurant, his young daughter hugged him and, crying, said, “Daddy, I love you---please don’t go.” SOURCE: KOAT 7 NEWS
  • On March 13, 2012 the City of Gallup, New Mexico was riddled with gun violence that ended with 2 dead and 3 injured. The first shooting was at the Pinon Hills Apartment complex where a 39 year-old father and his 15 year-old son were shot and killed. 45 minutes later, the hospital was put on lock down when a man with a gun and a gunshot wound to his chest entered the emergency room. About an hour later a man was shot in the face with a BB gun at a Shell gas station.
  • On April 17, 2011 in Gallup, New Mexico, 20 year-old Dusty Rye and 20 year-old Alec Amijo were shot and killed in the McGaffey Wilderness area. SOURCE: THE TRI-CITY TRIBUNE