When it comes to Gun Violence Prevention... We Stand Up!


These past months, the United States has seen a surge in gun violence. Last weekend alone was a tragic reminder that gun violence is hurting our communities and destroying families. In 72 hours, there were 10 mass shootings that left 17 dead and 33 injured. All totaled in this short timeframe, there were 420 people shot. 117 succumbed to their injuries. 303 were injured.  Here in New Mexico, gun violence is surging as well. In April,18 people were shot to death, more died from suicide with a firearm and dozens were injured.
That’s the bad news. 

Here is the good news:

Las Cruces Groceries for Guns Buyback 
In March we held our 11th gun buyback. This one was our second buyback in Las Cruces. We took in 101 firearms of which 47 were semi-automatic handguns and rifles. For the full report click here: https://bit.ly/2RcNzWh
–       101 firearms, plus two pellet guns were turned in (total of 104).
–       $14,150 in gift cards for groceries were distributed. 
–       95% of participants had never turned in guns before.
–       57% of participants turned in the firearms for safety reasons.
–       47% of the firearms removed were assault or semiautomatic firearms.
Gun Safety in Action
In April, we handed out over 500 free gun locks together with gun safety information at the Food Depot food giveaway sites. While handing out gunlocks, many people expressed how grateful they were because their children were now at home more and they needed to lock up their guns. We also sent 300 gunlocks to family medical service groups throughout New Mexico. That is over 800 gunlocks and gun safety pamphlets!
Our next Mural to End Gun Violence: Honoring Vanessa Ordoñez
We have begun our 9th youth driven gun violence prevention mural. This mural is being created by students at South Valley Charter School in Albuquerque. The mural will honor Vanessa Ordoñez. She was 16 years old when she was shot and killed in Los Lunes in 2018. Warren Montoya from Rezonate Art will facilitate the mural. This portable mural will travel to schools throughout Albuquerque to raise awareness on the issue of gun violence prevention.
“Don’t Shoot! Let Our kids Grow Up!”
We continued our program with Albuquerque youth to create gun violence prevention signs that we then hang up in neighborhoods most effected by gun violence.
Coming up in June!
We will begin our next gun violence prevention mural in the International District in Albuquerque. This will be our first augmented reality mural (which will allow viewers to access online enhancements and information)
We begin training law enforcement re: how best to use the ERPO law to get guns out of unsafe hands. 
We will be working with and helping guide victims of gun violence to speak to youth at the YDI Gang Intervention Center in order to help our youth make the choice to NOT pick up a gun to solve a dispute. 
Thank you for your continued support. We could not do this important work without you!
Rev. Dr. Harry Eberts and Miranda Viscoli,
Co-presidents of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence