Guns to Gardens

Guns to Gardens is our grassroots gun buyback program that gets unwanted guns off the streets and out of homes before transforming them into usable art and gardening tools.

We launched this program in 2016, and have partnered with law enforcement to host gun buybacks throughout New Mexico. To date, we have held 9 gun buybacks and have taken in over 500 firearms. Over 25% of the guns were semi-automatic handguns and assault style rifles. The guns are then dismantled on site, and then Brazilian artist Tiago Rene Torres Da Silva who forges them into gardening tools. 

You can purchase these beautiful tools on our Facebook Shop. 100% of the cost of these tools goes towards our next gun buyback.

We have also collaborated with the Santa Fe Community College Art Department, where student artists create original pieces from the gun scraps.

“The land of enchantment has a gun problem. New Mexicans to prevent gun violence has a solution: buy them and make them into garden tools. Tiago Renê Torres Da Silva leaves details in every tool he forges. Details that have stories. Silva, a blacksmith by trade, takes disarmed guns and turns them into garden tools…

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Each buyback event costs from $20,000 to $30,000. NMPGV raises tens of thousands of dollars before hosting an event. Gun owners can receive between $100 and $250 for their working firearm, depending on the type of gun. Buybacks are paid out in the form of gift cards for grocery stores, gas or Amazon. NMPGV has hosted events where as many as 140 guns were purchased and destroyed before passing the scrap metal onto our artisan partners.

a Gun Buyback?

The program targets unwanted, working guns. Through this program, we have learned that there are any number of reasons why an individual or family might want to remove a gun from their home. Changing circumstances – children in the home, a suicidal family member, substance abuse, or a loved one’s death leaving an unwanted firearm in a home – can convince many gun owners it’s time to let go of their firearm.

Under the buyback program, they can turn the gun over to law enforcement anonymously be compensated for it. This also provides assurance that the gun won’t end up in unsafe hands or be used for criminal activity.

Buyback Event

Dismantled On-Site

Artisan Partners


NMPGV wants to take the thousands of unwanted working guns in New Mexico and turn them into shovels and spades for community gardens, but we need your help! 

Join our mission, and invest in the future of New Mexico today.

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