Murals to End Gun Violence

We have observed in our years of working with youth on this issue that they experience a complex range of emotions. Many young people that we work with have had multiple experiences with gun violence from a very young age. Others live in fear that there could be a shooting at their school or in their communities. Through our mural projects they have an opportunity to join a national movement that strives to end gun violence in our country. The young artists frequently choose to honor friends who have been victims of gun violence, but they do so through positive, uplifting imagery.

One of the incredible aspects about this program is the connection it forges between our organization and the students. Our team often stays connected to these kids, and many have gone on to become program interns or volunteers. We get to know them and, and they become like family. We share meals together, celebrate graduations, help with resumes and job applications, and emotionally support them in a time of need.

We launched this program in 2016 in an effort to bring visibility to the issue of gun violence prevention, and to give young people an outlet to articulate and express their concerns about gun violence in a positive environment.

Murals to End Gun Violence is a collaboration between students, professional artists and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. All murals are designed and executed by students at their schools. Students work directly with muralist Warren Montoya from Rezonate Art. Under the tutelage of Mr. Montoya, students learn graphic design, painting techniques, how to work with different kinds of paint, and grid work. They also have the opportunity to learn how to problem solve with their peers, work together as a team, build leadership skills and take responsibility as a collective whole to finish the project.

Creating gun violence prevention murals in our schools and communities gives youths an opportunity to voice their hopes and concerns through art. The murals are an effective way to raise social awareness about gun violence, as hundreds of students and adults pass by the murals daily.

Murals to End Gun Violence

Santa Fe High School
Capitol High School
Pojaque Valley High School
Espanola Valley High School
La Puebla Boys and Girls Club
YDI Gang Intervention Center
Serenity Mesa Youth Rehabilitation Center

Collaboration of Students Professional Artists

Join us in our mission to help New Mexicans heal from and prevent gun violence. Invest in our cause today.

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