NMPGV April 2018 Pledge Member Update

Dear Supporter,

Can you believe NMPGV is turning Six Years Old!?

Six years ago, a group of concerned citizens began New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. We were the first local grassroots gun violence prevention group in New Mexico. As one senator said to us, “We have been waiting for you for decades. There have been no groups fighting against the NRA and for common sense gun violence prevention laws.

Thanks to supporters like you, our impact in New Mexico has grown each year.

Let’s take a look back at how we’ve evolved through your support over the past six years:

In the first eight weeks of our first year, we passed a bill to close the gun show loophole through the House and all Senate committees. It was filibustered on the Senate Floor; yet, this was an important moment, as we laid the foundation for gun violence prevention bills to be passed in New Mexico over the next 6 years.

Two years ago, we passed a bill through both the House and Senate that would prohibit domestic violence offenders from possessing firearms. The Governor vetoed the bill. We will be back in the 2019 legislative session to get this bill passed. Of equal importance has been the fact that, in the past 6 years, we have managed to block every NRA bill … thereby stopping the unfettered decades-long power grab by the corporate gun lobby in New Mexico.

We realized early on that it was imperative to bring many voices to the table, including gun owners. For the first two years, more doors were slammed in our face than opened. But, with each door that was slammed—our determination grew. For every victim we worked with, our resolve became set in stone. For every child that confided in us their experiences with gun violence, and their very real fear of being shot—our mission was affirmed. We listened, and from their experiences, we created our multi-pronged approach to prevention that has been the cornerstone of our work and has helped garner trust in communities throughout New Mexico.

2018 proved to be one of our busiest years ever.

We began the year by passing a Senate Memorial that we worked on with New Mexico youth. This memorial requested research on how to prevent school shootings and teen suicide in New Mexico.

We continued our Murals to End Gun Violence mural project by completing two more murals. The first one is a portable mural in Sandoval County. We worked with youth from four different pueblos, Bernalillo County and Albuquerque. Our second mural was at the La Puebla Boys and Girls Club. While the students were designing the mural, their friend Cameron Martinez was shot and killed. They chose to honor Cameron in the mural. 

  • We held four Guns To Gardens gun buybacks this year. They were in Taos, Las Cruces, Espanola and Tierra Amarillo. The result was that we took 217 unwanted working guns out of our communities. Over 20% were assault weapons and semi-automatic hand guns.
  • We worked in 14 schools with hundreds of students on the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence. At eleven of those schools, we facilitated the Gun
  • Violence Prevention House of Hope. Each school designed their own room and incorporated their ideas on how we can prevent gun violence.
  • We are continuing our gun violence prevention art quilt with students throughout New Mexico. At this point, it is 25 yards long and was on display with our portable mural when the Parkland students came into town.
  • We helped organize an event with the Parkland students and youth from New Mexico on the issue of gun violence prevention. Over 400 people were in attendance.
  • We handed out free gun locks and gun safety information at ball games and summer movie nights.
  • We held adult education classes in order to inform New Mexicans on the issue and how it is affecting our communities.
  • We are currently working with the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence in order to pass legislation that would prohibit domestic violence offenders under protective orders from being able to possess firearms.
  • After Parkland, we partnered with the Santa Fe Public Schools and the Student Wellness Action teams to help plan a day of action with our youth. We taught classes to the students on the issue of gun violence in New Mexico and what laws need to be passed. We helped facilitate a youth-driven legislative panel, a “die in” and a rally. 400 students joined. After the rally, our youth reached out to us again. They wanted to do more. We are helping them to draft a Child Access Prevention bill and are mentoring them in the legislative process. We have organized radio shows and public speaking opportunities in which they are speaking on behalf of their bill.
  • We partnered with Site Santa Fe for a Town Hall. Speakers included a victim of domestic violence with a firearm, students, law enforcement, and elected officials.

We have done so much. Yet we still have so much to do. And to our supporters who have joined our membership program—you have displayed a commitment to making our community safer and we thank you for this commitment: you ARE making a difference. Your NMPGV gear will be arriving in the New Year for you to wear and display proudly.

If you haven’t yet become an NMPGV member, please consider joining us in our fight against gun violence.

Thank you all for your continued support. Best wishes for healthy and safe New Year!

Miranda Viscoli
New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence

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