NMPGV Pledge program – July 2018

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Thanks to great supporters like you, New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence continues to make progress on reducing gun violence in New Mexico! Our two core programs: “Guns to Gardens” Gun Buy Back and School Mural had considerable activity in July.

Our latest gun violence prevention mural (below) was recently unveiled at the 13th Judicial Courthouse, and will be on display there until the end of November. It was created by our amazing Sandoval County art students.

We also held our 5th and 6th Guns To Gardens gun buyback events in July. Our 5th buyback was held in Taos, where we took 29 unwanted working firearms out of the community, including two assault weapons, semi-automatic hand guns and a sawed off shot gun. Our 6th Guns To Gardens gun buyback event was held in Las Cruces, where we took 160 unwanted working firearms out of the community.
About a third of them were semi-automatic handguns. These guns will be dismantled and turned into gardening tools.

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We’ll be processing your July 2018 pledge of today based on the preferences you set-up. CaringCent, our technology partner, will be processing your donations. You’ll see “CaringCent” on your credit or debit card statement but the funds are then sent to our organization.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miranda Viscoli
New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence

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NMPGV is working to make our state and country safer by strengthening laws that seek to prevent gun violence. 

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