Gun Violence prevention Workshops

The workshop takes a holistic approach in addressing gun violence in the lives of our young people. It gives our youth the opportunity to explore the root causes of gun violence as well as the impact gun violence has had on their lives. Our intention is to create a space where youth can reflect how gun violence affects their lives and discover tools to minimize its negative impact and keep them safe from harm.  We start the workshop by facilitating exercises designed to initiate a discussion and explore ways in which youth can reverse this trajectory of gun violence. The exercises and discussions empower our youth to become agents of change as they develop solutions to end gun violence in the communities in which they live. The program also gives participants the opportunity to explore the impact of gun violence through art projects that are then displayed in their school community to raise awareness about the issue. The workshops include, guest speakers, films, art projects and facilitated discussion.

Films on YouTube:

icon youtube  Guns to Gardens
icon youtube  Murals to End Gun Violence
icon youtube  Beating swords to Plowshares
icon youtube  Dismantling an AK 47
icon youtube  Unidos Against Gun Violence
icon youtube  From Guns to Art

NMPGV-Murals to End Gun Violence -8-5-19

South Valley Gun Violence Prevention Community Service 2023

12:45 -1:15



Check in about summer


Expectations List

Students will come up with what expectations would make them feel safe, supported and happy.


Discussion of Workshop

Hand out cards and have students write down why they chose the workshop and what they hope to get out of it. (name on card is optional)

We will compile a list of their ideas


Film: icon youtube  Unidos Against Gun Violence

Discussion of film

Prompt questions:

What is your reaction to the film?

How did it make you feel?

What line/statement had the most impact on you?

Why is talking about water quality and healthy communities about gun violence?

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