Santa Fe, TX Shooting

Yesterday, 10 more innocent lives were sacrificed to the corporate gun lobby’s relentless need to sell more guns and prohibit gun violence prevention laws from being passed. The children and families of Santa Fe High, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Aztec, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Santa Monica Community College, Umpqua Community College, etc. ask how many more of our children must die.

Ten innocent students and teachers, including a Pakistani exchange student and a substitute teacher, were brutally murdered by a 17-year-old who had access to his father’s guns. Ten more were injured, and thousands of students will live the rest of their lives in fear of being shot.

Two weeks after the NRA convened in Texas, two attendees – Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Abbot of Texas – continued to pretend that gun are not the problem. Gov. Abbot said at this month’s NRA conference, “The answer to gun violence is not to take guns away. The answer is to strengthen the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. The problem is not guns; it’s hearts without God.”

America, Your Gun Problem is Killing our Children.

Yesterday, Governor Abbot was forced to look in the faces of parents who will never see their children alive again. Somehow, he forgot to tell them that they are the problem, not the guns. But, the NRA playbook dictates that the deflection message always comes a day or two later, which always seems to be enough time for us to somehow be a little more okay with guns killing another round of innocent students.

The NRA and the corporate gun lobby will try to convince us that the answer is actually more guns. They will fight to arm teachers so they can sell more firearms. All but the most courageous politicians will stick their heads deeper in the sand as they cower before the NRA bullies, either accepting their blood money, fearing their retribution, or both. Nothing will change unless we stand up and do something.

And, there IS something we can do. Call your local and federal elected officials every week. Ask them one simple question: What did you do this week to keep our children, families and communities safe from gun violence? Call them every week. If they start receiving thousands of calls a week, it will make a difference. Ask them specifically what bills they are sponsoring. Ask them what programs they are funding. Ask them what specific action they took this week. Demand details and don’t let up! Let them know this is a voting issue for you. If they do not take action, they lose your support and the support of those around you.

We cannot give up this fight. If we do, we give up on the children we lost yesterday and the children we lose every day to gun violence.

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