NMPGV April 2018 Pledge Member Update

We’ve woken up to another tragedy in Thousand Oaks. And this mass shooting comes on the heels of October, which was a heartbreaking month in our country and state when it comes to gun violence. The mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue that killed 11 people and injured 6 simply because they are Jewish was nothing less than an act of domestic terrorism. This Anti-Semitic attack was the deadliest assault on Jewish people in U.S. history.

Sadly, this shooting was a frightening and predictable reminder of what can happen when a president spews hate-filled racist rhetoric in a country that has easy access to weapons of war. Four police officers were shot by one man who was armed with an AR 15.

In New Mexico, we lost one of our best and brightest to gun violence. 18-year-old Cameron Martinez was shot and killed when a car filled with youth armed with semi-automatic handguns shot at his car. A 17-year-old boy emptied an entire magazine clip into the car. Three other teenagers were injured. In a state, where our youth have easy access to firearms, murders such as these are become all too common.

We're Reaching Young People

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence is currently working on a youth-driven mural at La Puebla Boys and Girls Club as part of our Murals to End Gun Violence program.

We are currently working in eight public schools on the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence. Student leaders are working with us to design a portable art installation piece called, the Gun Violence Prevention: House of Hope. We also worked with student leaders at Highland High School on an art project for their Pledge this year.

We're Taking Unwanted Firearms off the Street!

We are planning two more Guns to Gardens gun buyback. These will be held in Rio Arriba and Roswell, New Mexico.

We helped organize a panel with UNM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences to bring national and local experts to the table to talk about the issue of gun violence prevention when it comes to suicide and domestic violence. Our panelists include: Joshua Horwitz, JD, Director, Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence; Jeff Swanson, PhD, Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Social & Community Psychiatry, Duke University School of Medicine.

Together, we are making progress toward making New Mexico safer for our families.

The Latest

NMPGV is working to make our state and country safer by strengthening laws that seek to prevent gun violence.

Join our mission, and invest in the future of New Mexico today.