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I created the design for the Home, Programs (for icons and map), Invest, Our Mission and Our History.


#27AAE1; – blue
#8B5E3C; – brown
#F7941D; – orange (links)

 – dark gray (text & link hover)

#EAD6BB – tan
#ED8B30 – orange
#3898C7 – blue
#6B4220  – brown


Ubuntu Bold – Headings
Open Sans Regular – Body


Notes directed to the engineers. Written by Engineers or WebDev for Engineers.

Adding Scripts for FB Pixel, Google Tag Manager etc:

If you need to add any kind of custom scripts, please navigate to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Custom Layouts > [Header/Footer] Scripts. Note: Footer scripts are aka “before closing body tag” scripts.

Paste your scripts in, then click update.

Elementor Keyboard Shortcuts

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County Pages <ul><li>​

Sections had class county-details-block added

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